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I'm Chuck Neville... I've been designing boats for over 30 years...

A phone call to renowned builder and designer Charley Morgan and a move from Michigan to Florida changed my life. The phone call ed to a seat in the engineering department of Heritage Yachts, a company Charley formed after selling the original Morgan Yachts. We had great fun. It was also a wonderful initiation into the world of production boat building. During that time I contributed to the design of several sailboats and a couple of trawlers including the West Indian 36. I also lofted my first boat, and flew with Charley to discuss projects with far-flung owners. Good things come to an end. The economy and other factors led to the early demise of Heritage Yachts. To this day Charley Morgan remains an inspiration, a mentor and a lifelong friend.

As that door closed, I made another phone call this time to Steve Seaton. Steve worked with Heritage as a consultant. That phone call led to a ten-year partnership as Seaton Neville. Over that period we worked with great companies including Cheoy Lee developing a line of Motorsailers. We also worked with Bruce Kessler. Bruce is renowned for his exploits aboard Zopilote, a boat which Steve and I designed in partnership with Delta Marine. During the Seaton Neville years we also worked with dozens of other great owners and their projects. The Seaton Neville years came to an end with Steve's move to the West Coast in a period before cross-country communication was as robust as it is today. I still miss the camaraderie of those years.

The last twenty plus years have been extremely busy ones. With the formation of Charles Neville associates I have developed new projects for some old clients and many, many new ones. The performers below are generally listed in order of their appearance.

  • Cheoy Lee Shipyards, Hong Kong - the development of a 77-foot motorsailer based upon our successful 63-foot motorsailer.

  • Nordhavn and PAE - the design of a 78-foot metal trawler yacht for a Baltimore client.

  • South Coast Marine Taiwan (a Nordhavn yard) - development a series three 63-foot motor catamarans for commercial service.

  • Black Douglas- Designed for a Stuart Florida client, this boat was built in steel by the Treworgy Yachts.

  • Cape Horn 75 & Cape Horn 81 - Three boats were built (Lord's Warrior, Wright of Passage, and High Note). All were built by fine Canadian yards.

  • Corinthian Catamarans - Actually out of place in this listing as we continue our twenty three year relationship. Corinthian is the largest builder of commercial excursion catamarans in the US. They are also among my oldest friends in the business.

  • Custom Steel Boats - is the yard that has produced two of my favorite smaller trawlers. Beverlee Jane, the first Neville-39, was originally shown in the Robert Beebe book Voyaging Under Power. She was executed elegantly in steel by this fine builder

  • Custom Steel Boats - also built the first Neville-47, Carol Marie, for an Alabama client. She was built in steel with an aluminum deck house. The second N-47 was also produced at this fine yard with plans in place to build many more.

  • Neville Trawlers - Along with a larger 56 foot design, the two boats above have become the cornerstones of the Neville Trawler line of fine motor yachts.

  • Seahorse Marine - located in Zhuhai, China they are builders of Mi Sueno, a 44-foot steel Trawler of our design. Whith its wide body deckhouse the boat provodes exceptional accommodations in a small package.

  • Our commercial work continues to flourish. Included are propulsion systems developed with our friends at Cummins for the US Coast Guard's fleet of 49-foot BUSL (Buoy Utility Stern Loader) vessels. With them we also are actively involved in the repowering of 27-foot utility boats for the US Army and Marines. Did you know they have more vessels than the US Navy?

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Chuck Neville


Heritage Yachts
West Indian-36 Trawler


Seaton-Neville Designed
Durbeck built 48-ft. Namaste

CNa's Recent Stuff


Black Douglas, 94-ft. Trawler


Corinthian Catamarans


Neville 39, Beverlee Jane


Neville 47 Trawler


Mi Sueno, 44-ft. Trawler


USCG 49-ft. BUSL

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