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Design Materials:

Quality builders know the difference between good design documents and what their workers sometimes refer to as Cartoons or the Funny Papers (I have my sources). We know how to make what is needed

The specific design material created for a project will obviously vary from project to project. The list below, however, is representative of the extent of materials that developed for a major trawler manufacturers.


Photo Credit: Bill Parlatore


Profile drawing

Arrangement plans
Deck plan
Hold plan

3-d hull model
Hull Lines drawing
Hull details
Hull offsets

3-d deck house model
Deck house lines & offsets
Deck House details
Stack layout

Major hull construction
Construction sections

Lower deck construction
Upper deck construction
House construction
Window & door layout

Joiner arrangements
Joiner sections
Joiner port elevation
Joiner starboard elevation
Joiner details

Propulsion machinery
Auxiliary machinery
Rudder foundation
Engine beds
Generator foundation

Fresh water system
Bilge & pump system
Sanitary drain system
Fuel system

Engineering etc.

Stability calculations
Construction scantlings
Stack structure

Tankage capacity & trim
Weight and trim calculations

Propulsion & powering
Propeller selection
Range estimates
Propeller shafting
Rudder shafting

Construction Specifications


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