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So what does a complete design package look like? Well the individual elements appropriate for a design can vary depending upon a number of issues. The size and complexity of the vessel are clearly a major factor, but other things like the experience of the boat yard, the sophistication of the systems, and the amount of input the owner desires can become major players. At the very least, however, clear and accurate drawings that define the geometry and general construction of the vessel are a necessity. Also important is the placement of major machinery items, tankage layouts, and of course the detail necessary to layout and construct the accommodations required.

All of these details must be laid out in easy to understand construction drawings. As important as the line drawings are, however, the engineering to back them up is probably even more important. Without those careful underpinnings, the workability of the overall design is simply an educated guess.

Below is a set of typical construction drawings for a recent project. While the requirements of your design may vary for all of the above reasons, this set should give you a reasonable idea of what to expect.

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Carol Marie

The Neville-47

Under construction at

Custom Steel Boats

Profile Drawing

Arrangement Plan

Deck Plan

Guidance Drawing

Hull Lines

Tankage Drawing

Deck Lines-1

Deck Lines-2

Hull Details

Freeing Port Details

Hull Construction

Deck Construction

Construction Sections

Construction Sections-2

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