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Carl Sandburg Wrote
"Nothing happens unless first a dream"

While the concept is not difficult to understand, life often confounds us putting it into practice. Just because the realities of family, job, and other responsibilities postpone their imple-mentation doesn't mean the dreams cannot be nurtured.

Wouldn't it be rewarding to "play with" your boat ideas to see if the concepts could in fact be accomplished? Let me help. I'm an expert in converting your sketches, thoughts and ideas into professional drawings: drawings you can refine, admire, or use to talk to builders about your plans.

What you do - Send us a sketch or collection of thoughts. They can be faxes or emailed scans in pdf or jpg formats. You don't need to be an artist. That's our job. Sign up and we'll send you an upload link.

What we'll do - We will create a scaled engineering drawings which we will mail as large format blueprints or email in scale pdf format (your choice). We will use our experience to try and rationalize issues and will give you a chance to help us with revisions so long as they do not entail drawing a different boat.

Visualizing your dream is a limited time offer!

We are NOT sending your drawings to an offshore drafting farm. We are giving them the same attention that we do any of our custom projects.

This offer is available for boats up to 60-ft.
With no cost surprises

Profile OR arrangement drawing for a single deck boat


Add the additional profile OR single arrangement deck to the drawing at the same time


Add a second arrangement deck to the drawing at the same time


Add a half-deck or raised pilot-house to the drawing at the same time


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The above involves putting your ideas on paper. We can, of course also expand our investigation into a full prelim-inary design study - including hull lines, performance prediction and other elements that will confirm your boat's suitability and buildability. This would the be the step before signing up for a complete design.

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We can provide beautiful profile or arrangement images drawn by America's premier marine illustrator. Evaluate them, or frame them to admire or share with your family.

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We can also create 3d images of your profile with multiple views as shown on our homepage. We can also produce 3d images of your ideal interior to allow you to "walk through" or more fully experience your concept.

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Now's the time to step up to the plate:

It may not be the time to build your dream boat. That does not mean, however, that you shouldn't enjoy the experience of building your "virtual" boat.

Plus be assured, designs always benefit as they mature over time. One of the best things you can do to perfect your dream is hang the drawings on the wall to judge and evaluate over time.

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Let me help you to
visualize your dream

Chuck Neville

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