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A Cape Horn-81: We worked closely with The Trawler Corporation and Cape Horn on the development of their line of long range cruisers from 1998 until 2003. Along with Peter Sever we developed their 75, and 81 foot long range motor yachts. Over that period, three vessels were delivered. Shown above and below is Wright of Passage, the middle child.

All of these fine vessels were built in steel for serious off shore work. Boat 01,the elder sister Lord's Warrior, made an Atlantic passage to Monaco where she now lives. Wright of Passage makes California her home. The younger sister named High Note enjoys the cruising in the waters off South Florida.

Again, the photos above and below are Wright of Passage. Because of an unfortunate death in the family this boat is looking for a new owner. Click the link at the left for more details on how to give her a new home.



Photo Credit: Peter Sever

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