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~  Mi Sueño  ~

This 44-foot Motor Yacht - is seen below along side her fitting-out dock at Seahorse Marine in Zuhai China. My Virginia client traveled to China several times to observe construction. In his absence a surveyor kept tabs on progress. After acceptance, Mi Sueno was shipped by freighter to Camden NJ.

After a short transit to the Chesapeake Bay and some fitting out issues now corrected, she now lives near Norfolk, VA. Her owner's plans, however include both Island hopping and more extensive journeys off shore.


Earl and Hazel

owners of Mi Sueño,
a 44-ft. distance cruiser

Crane-bound for shipping

Helm at the ready

Galley with all the amenities

Final checkout at the dock in China

All cleaned up and ready to go

...What it's all about

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