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This Could be Yours: Bringing about the N-47 was neither a quick or even planned exercise. It came about, just because it did. The original N-39 appeared in Voyaging Under Power. Years passed before an owner ready to complete the design came forward. Then came the inevitable: an owner who loved the boat but wanted one a bit bigger. That evolved into the yacht Carol Marie. Like the shaver guy, the owner loved the boat so much he built a second one. That boat is now available for your purchase. What about the man who built her. Well he's now planning a still larger sister, the Neville-56

If you'd like to make her your own click on the NevilleTrawlers.com link at the right. Get more information about the: N-39, N-42 LRC as well as this N-47 and the larger N-56. Seriously sensible cruising boats. We're looking for your input.


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