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Here over the months to come I'll be posting a list of books that I've found of to be valuable on my book shelf. Many are current. Some are not but they offer a wide range of information on the topics at hand. For those you you who have been paying attention take a gold red star out of petty cash.

Promises aside, I really do want to implement this function and will attempt to do so over the next few months. Unfortunately up till now all I can show you is more verbosity.

How do you learn more about this stuff?

It's not that easy...

Nothing would make me happier than to being able to point you to one or two great texts capable of answering most of the design questions that pop up for both amateurs and professionals alike. You know, that well rounded volume that could shepherd you through evaluations of powering, structures, stability, accommodations and more. Unfortunately I've been looking for that one or two great texts for all of my professional career. It has been an source of irritation that really no text book level book exists on the subject of yacht or commercial design.

There are books of this caliber available for large ship Naval Architecture and while the principals are the same (or generally the same) the analysis they provide is often at a much more rigorous level than suitable for an arm chair read. Even when you put that issue aside, much of the analysis is much more labor intensive than is practical for small craft work. Also often the analysis they provide relies on coefficients, tables, or rules that may be largely inappropriate for vessels less than hundreds of feet long.

As a result the average designer's book shelf is more likely to contain dozens if not hundreds of volumes acquired over the years, each with it's own kernels of wisdom. Some of the best are unfortunately no longer in print, but occasionally available from used bookstores.

Since I cannot give you one or two volumes, I will instead give you a more lengthy bibliography of books on my shelves. I will not pretend that they are books I've read cover to cover. As such I'm not going to pretend to review them for you. I will, however, do my best to provide you with some sense of why the book is on my shelf, and which ones that have been most useful to me over the years.

I've included big ship texts as well as more yacht oriented volumes. Generally the books have a powerboat focus, though a few sailboat books creep in just because. I will be interested in comments as to the usefulness of list.



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