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Orca 3d -

Developed and supported by the same team that created FastShip and the Rhino Marine Plug-in. Orca3D represents their latest thinking. Orca3D is a totally new program written using the latest development tools, and comes with first rate technical support. Development is active and on-going, and support and incremental updates are free. I have known the folks that created Orca 3d for over 25-years. It is a great program that gives you the tools necessary to conquer the unique shapes that boats demand. It also includes stability and hydrostatic calculations as well as powering, weight control and other useful modules.

DRS C3 Systems, Inc.
160 Sallitt Drive
Stevensville, Maryland 21666
410 643-5350

NavCad -

This is a software tool produced by HydroComp, Inc. It is used for predicting horsepower requirements as well as the optimum propeller and gear for a given situation. It is useful for virtually any type of displacement, semi-displacement, planing craft, river barge, sailboat and catamaran. It's analysis tools represent a comprehensive catalog of accepted analysis methods.

HydroComp, Inc.
13 Jenkins Court
Durham, New Hampshire 03824
603 868-3344

GHS - General Hydrostatics -

This mammoth software package is written by Creative Systems, Inc. It provides not only the general hydrostatics listed in the name but all the coefficients and in depth analysis of a vessel in virtually any condition. This is primarily a large ship design tool, but it is essential for doing sophisticated stability work no matter what size the vessel might be. I find it useful for my yacht work but clearly essential for my commercial work where the US Coast Guard and others demand very rigorous analysis.

Creative Systems, Inc.
PO Box 1910
Port Townsend, Washington 98368
360 385-6212

AutoCAD -

General drafting software from Autodesk, Inc. This is still the most widely used drafting package in the industry. It is available in full versions and in a Lite version at a substantially lower cost. Though drafters love to boast about the advantages of other systems, the truth is AutoCAD courses are available at colleges, junior colleges and even online.

Autodesk, Inc.


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