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March 2013

The Nevlle 164

Not a design... Just a Concept!

Designed to be a reasonably fast global cruiser, with excellent fuel efficiency and long range capabilities. This mega-yacht will appeal to an owner who is more impressed with state-of-the-art engineering and design, rather than the usual meaningless 'bling'. Hull form is intended to deliver a good turn of speed in all seaways. Diesel-electric propulsion is recommended for maximum performance.

This vessel can be set up for long-term self-sufficient operation nearly anywhere, with a small crew. Many interior arrangement possibilities, including well-located owner's stateroom near forward deck, offering brilliant views and privacy. Contact Doug Coupar for full details, and to discuss your particular requirements

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January 2011

The Nevlle 39 – Beverlee Jane

Available and a GREAT value

When the book Voyaging Under Power was updated in ’94 they dubbed one of our boats featured in the chapter “Work of Other Designers” the Neville 39. At that point it was just a dream. It took a few years before she actually came to life, built at Custom Steel Boats in North Carolina.

Completed true to the original concept she was christened Beverlee Jane and has spent her days cruising on the East Coast near Oriental NC. Over the next few years Beverlee Jane became the catalyst for the Neville 47 and ultimately for our Neville 56.

Many of you have asked about the boat. Several have purchased study or stock plans as well. Now for personal reasons her original owner has grudgingly decided to sell Beverlee Jane. Though sad at one level I suspect it will be GREAT news for many of her fans. The reason is that for at least one she is now primed to move on and provide them with years of memorable cruising adventures. This single owner boat is in excellent condition. You may have had a chance to tour her showcased at the Annapolis Boat Show a couple years ago.

Want to find out more about her? Want to know what it would take to move her to your dock?

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September 2010

90 Sport Expedition

A Charles Neville & Krogen Design Collaboration

- Announcing an amazing -

and long overdue alliance

I met James S. Krogen more than 20 years ago. I had reached some prominence, but Jim Krogen was already an icon. Unfortunately he left the boating scene far too soon. That said, our earliest meetings began an association not just with Jim but with his two young sons and partners. Both Kurt and Jimmy were groomed by their gifted father to have a huge impact on what has become today's trawler marketplace.

Over decades Kurt, Jimmy and I have talked about and occasionally collaborated on projects. This 90 Sport Expedition represents a quantum leap forward in melding all of our individual talents. CNa's design and engineering join with Kurt's styling, Jimmy's talent for interiors and James S. Krogen's proven hull design to define a truly remarkable yacht.

Read more about why I think this is a very special vessel, and how this remarkable collaboration came to pass soon.  More to Come.

June 2010

High Note

- an Exceptional Cape Horn 81 -

is Now available

We worked with Cape Horn over a number of years creating marvelous yachts between 75 and 105 feet. Of the boats built, the 81-footer High Note, is among the finest examples of the Cape Horn concept and craftsmanship. Of course High Note benefited from the knowledge gained building her earlier sisters. Beyond that, however, her excellence grew from an owner’s commitment to building a yacht as beautiful in its execution as it was in its function.

High Note’s interior was professionally styled with each element: surfaces, finishes, and soft goods meticulously selected. Add to that an impressive array of additional equipment such as an extraordinary entertainment system in keeping with her owner’s demands. And it was all built to Cape Horn’s respected standards. That means rugged construction, impeccable sea keeping characteristics, and dependable systems and outfit.

Each of of her sisters has crossed oceans. Right now High Note is ready and equipped to join them, with you onboard.

But what is truly amazing is that High Note is available at a remarkable price. Would you like more information about this extraordinary vessel? Click on this link to learn the whole story   Learn More.

October 2009

Metal Boat Quarterly

- Chuck's Article about the Neville Tug 45 -

The Metal Boat Society is a non-profit educational society whose mission is to provide metal boat enthusiasts with information about their boats, whether they are in the planning, building, fitting out or repair stages. Mebmbers in more than 20 countries participate in that effort through forums and their publication Metal Boat Quarterly. Visit: www.metalboatsociety.org

Chuck was flattered to be asked to contribute to the October 2009 issue of that quarterly. His article entitled The Neville-45 a Tug Story is reproduced here thanks to the folks at the Metal Boat Society. Additional information about the boat is also available at www.nevilletrawlers.com.

September 2008

New Ecotour Boat for Florida Aquarium

- Tampa Florida -

Our friends at Corinthian Catamarans, Inc. in Tarpon Springs, Florida began construction of a 72-foot motor catamaran for Florida Aquarium in Tampa Florida. The vessel will replace their current boat taking 149 guests on the aquarium’s popular Wild Dolphin Ecotour. The boat is expected to begin operation in the spring of '09. Visit: www.flaquarium.org

This is the 11th 72-footer that Corinthian has produced and the largest in their line of excursion vessels. Charles Neville Associates has designed Corinthian's boats since the company began in the 80's. This time we developed 3d renderings to help the Florida Aquarium visualize their new boat as well as help with fund raising. Of course CNa will be doing the other design and certification work as well.

July 2008

Now Stock Plans Available

- for a limited time -


With over 30-years of history developing boats for discrim-inating clients we have a lot of designs on our shelves and in our computers. For the first time we are offering a select group of these wonderful yachts as stock plans. The boats available are on our Stock Plan page, which you can reach by clicking on the tab at your left. Designs are available ranging from 30-foot to almost 100-foot. Each of these can be built as designed, or we can use them as the starting point and add your own special refinements.


All of the designs are offered at special introductory pricing. If you don't see the stock plan you are looking for, contact us. We may be able to make it available. Whether you are a current or would be yachtsman, or a professional boat builder let our experience work to your advantage. Visit the Neville Stock Plan page.

January 2008

Our Seminar at Trawler Fest.

Stuart, Florida


The Stuart Florida Trawler Fest presented an interesting opportunity. I have been on panels at Trawler Fest and Trawler Port before but this one was particularly special. I got to join Steve Seaton and Eric Sponberg discussing the many tradeoffs that inevitably rear their head as design choices need to be made. Moderating the panel was Steve D'Antonio, familiar to any avid reader of PassageMaker magazine.


As many of you know, Steve and I were partners for 10-years and I first met Eric during that time period, probably 25+ years ago. Steve D' got the festivities underway with well placed questions to each of us. With that the crowd kicked in and most of the discussion hinged on great questions from the attendees


It was great fun. We didn't always agree, but even if all of our styles differ a bit around the edges, I think the boaters in attendance got a good opportunity to hear the various side of a number of issues. All things being equal, there was more agreement than contention.


Many of the questions we heard are the things I talk with callers about with great frequency. If you couldn't get to Trawler Fest give me (or one of the other guys) a call.

January 2008

Trawler Fest

Stuart, Florida


In addition to the fun we had at the seminar, I also got to talk with many of you one-on-one from the Neville Trawler booth. We were located right at the gateway pier leading to the boats on display. A number of you I met in years past. Many were fresh faces. The crowd was also peppered with few former clients and even a couple of potential new customers.


That is what is great about these functions. It's not just the chance to meet and greet. It's a chance to just talk boating. Then, of course, there was leaving the tents behind. Some of the most memorable conversations were at the evening events just talking with folks and swapping stories.


Join us at the next one, or call... We can do lunch.

December 2007

SNAME Ad Hoc Panel #15

Loading Criteria for

People Aboard Passenger Vessels


In the background surrounding the fun we all like to have with boats there is a serious side. In the wake of two tragedies, one in Baltimore Harbor and the other on quiet lake in upstate New York, the US Coast Guard initiated a study to evaluate the impact of increasing passenger weight on the potential for similar accidents.


While much of my work is on the yacht side, I also do a considerable number of commercial projects. These are most often related to Small Passenger Vessels operating under the regulations of Subchapter-T of the US Federal Code of Regulations.


I was among about a dozen designers, naval architects, engineers, educators and USCG representatives tapped with evaluating proposed recommendations. The panel was initiated by Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. SNAME is the professional organization representing Naval Architects and designers in the US. (See our links page.)


The recommendation to increase passenger weight to 185 pounds per person (more consistent with the weight used in the aircraft industry) was approved. Our office has been using that increased weight for the last few years, even preceding this decision.

November 2007-2009

Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology

Founded in 1930


Westlawn Institute is the only nationally accredited and state approved distance-learning school of small-craft design in the United States. For the third year, beginning in 2009, I have been privileged to be a member of their Board of Directors.


This is true honor since Westlawn has, over the decades, been responsible for the education of many of the premier boat designers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Numbered among their prestigious alumnus are Jack Hargrave and Tom Fexas two elite practitioners of our craft: both, unfortunately, recently departed. I knew both Jack and Tom and considered them friends. They are missed, but their legacy endures.


The Westlawn list of alumnus contains many, many more of the finest craftsmen in our field. Being a small part of this tradition is an honor.

October 2007

The Neville 47 Trawler

Two Time Peoples Choice Award Winner

returns to the show circuit


We were back on the boards again at the Solomon's Trawler Fest and the Annapolis Power Boat Show visit-
ing with clients and customers. It was another occasion to show off the Neville 47 Trawler, the People's Choice winner the year before at both Solomon's and Stuart Trawler Fests. As always, however, for me such events are less about showing the boat, and more about meeting folks and just taking about boating.


I have worked with Cape Horn, Cheoy Lee and other major boatyards over the years. The Neville Trawler experience, however, has given me more opportunity to meet with boaters than any one before. It's more than simply fun. Talking with buyers is always a great education.


It was particularly amusing to see folks cluster in the engine room. On a number of occasions with 5 or 6 guys in the engine room I felt as though I was living out an episode of the TV show Home Improvement. There was no Tim Taylor, Al Borland or the requisite grunts, just admiration for the space provided and the workable installation.


Besides the 47 we also were signing up owners for the Neville 42 LRC, currently under development. It is a second generation of the N-39 that was on display last year. It features interior upgrades and an attractive introductory price. Call or log onto the Neville Trawler website for more information.

Also on the program was the Neville 56, the Grand Dame of our little fleet. Thanks for coming to see us. I'm looking forward to meeting with you in '08.

October 2006

Included are "...three sailboats and a power voyager that showcase the best in modern boatbuilding."

With that introduction begins a special section in Ocean Navigator magazine. Among those 4 boats featured, and the only offshore power passage maker was the first N-47 in the Neville Trawler line, Carol Marie. She was now lives on the Alabama coast but has already been tested. Over 150 miles offshore she capably handled 10 foot seas.

That is a place for no compromises. It is an indication of what the security of steel can offer. Come and see her sister, the big blue boat, at Trawler Fest - Stuart in January.


For those with a shorter attention span pick the link to read the Ocean Navigator article to tide you over.


- serious steel -


Neville 164 Concept

neville 164
neville 164

Beverlee Jane
The Neville 39

Beverlee Jane
Beverlee Jane
Beverlee Jane

90 Sport Expedition

Krogen Neville Collaboration
Krogen Neville Collaboration

High Note

High Note
High Note
High Note

The Neville Tug

A Tug Story...
Metal Boat

Corinthian 72

Corinthian 72
Corinthian 72
Corinthian 72

Werner Bay 50
Construction details

Werner Bay 50
Werner Bay 50

Trawler Fest

photo Trawler Fest 2007

Steve Seaton Eric Sponberg Steve D'Antonio
Trawler Fest

photo courtesy of PMM Magazine

Trawler Fest

photo Trawler Fest 2007


Corinthian 45-Catamaran

USCG approved for 149 passengers

+ 2 crew @ 185 lbs.

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