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The Stocks you Choose are Important:

Stock Plan Designs vary dramatically in quality and even usefulness. While some are good, many more are very, Very BAD.

If you can find one that meets your needs, it's can be a good choice. Be careful, however, because all are not equal. Unfortunately most boats designed to be "stock plans" don't include the amount of detail that a professional builder needs. If you are an amateur or an inexperienced builder, well more detail not less is a better choice.

Most stock plans are simply "padded out" with all manner of things not needed to build the boat but included to make you feel you're getting a lot of paper. Real useful information, however, is much harder to find. As a result, many of the best builders will not (or will no longer) build from "stock plans".

What makes Neville
Stock Designs different?

It's simple.  They were not drawn to be stock plans. Each was developed for a knowledgeable and demanding owner. Each was produced with all of the information that a quality boat yard needs to efficiently estimate and build your dream.

Still they are drawn to be easily understood to communicate with every boatyard worker. It's simple: you reap the bbenefits of the first owner's investment.

Chuck Neville

Allow us
to use our past experience
to your advantage

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Charles Neville Associates is offering some of our most sought after custom designs in a variety of sizes as stock plans. If these proven boats meet your needs: great. If we can tailor one to your exact requirements, that's even better. Look at what's currently available and contact us with your questions.

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Dunkirk 36 - Semi Displacement Cruiser

Other Current Available Plans:

Motor Yachts

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