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Dunkirk 36

I originally met Steve Dunn withDunkirk Yachts in the late 1970's. The first project we did was a small 8-foot dingy one of which now resides in my garage. Over the years a number of other projects were developed including a sailboat and a small open coastal fisherman. With the increasing popularity of small trawler yachts we collaborated on a number of designs. This was the last before the company stopped building boats a few years ago.

This boat incorporates a good deal of Dunkirk's and our experience in both new construction and in repair. It is always a joy working with owners and builders who share our love of smaller vessels.

LOA 36'-07"
LWL 33'-06"
Beam: 12'- 05"
Draft: 4'- 00"
Weight: 29,768 lbs
Power: 430 hp
Hull/House: Fiberglass



The Dunkirk 36 is the consummate “pocket cruiser”. It is designed to ply rivers and coastal areas in comfort. Her semi-displacement hull offers a good turn of speed while still providing comfortable accommodations. The Dunkirk 36 is actually an evolution. We started out looking at boats as small as 29'. The size grew (what a surprise) as we struggled with finding the best combination of interior room and features. Profile styling also evolved as we sought to give her a distinctive identity. Her drop sheer line and salty exterior make her an eye catcher. If you are going to build a boat, why should it look like every other boat.

Inside she has comfortable accommodations for two. A true pilothouse trawler the Dunkirk 36 just feels like a bigger boat than it is. Even though it's small enough to be easily managed it offers the room for you to customize her to meet your own needs. Designed like all our plans for professional construction the plans offer the kind of detail that both veteran boat builders and amateurs will appreciate. As always if you need more help we are there to provide the assistance. Pound for pound the Dunkirk 36 is a lot of boat.

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