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You are encouraged to order through our secure on-line store. When you access it your own personal information, your shopping cart purchase, and credit identity are protected by the full resources of Papal, an eBay Company. Charles Neville Associates or any of its associates, never receives your credit information.

If you would prefer to place your order by mail, Print our order form, complete and mail or fax it to the address or fax number on the form. If ordering by mail, please enclose payment by check drawn on a US bank or a US money order. Please note credit card orders are only accepted for online orders. If you would be more comfortable with other payment options please do contact us.

If you are paying by check, please make them payable to Charles Neville Associates. Payment by check must be in US dollars on a check or money order drawn on a US bank. The reason for these stipulations are not intended to be punitive. The truth is that in today's banking world international transactions often cost more to process than the value of the transaction. This is particularly true for smaller dollar amounts. If you would like us to consider other options including wire transfer feel free to call or email your request.

Shipping cost is typically included in the price of your Construction Plans or White Book order. If you are interested in priority or overnight shipping or if you have any other questions or concerns about delivery certainly please call or email.

Likewise for any other questions before or after placing your order call or email us at:

What are the terms of sale?

This web site and the designs listed herein are proprietary products of Charles Neville Associates. The CP30/34 design is a joint property of Charles Neville Associates and Chesapeake Marine Design LLC. Web pages, Study Plans, Construction Plans, and White Book information may not be reproduced in whole or in part nor redistributed by any means without the written authorization of Charles Neville Associates.

All plans are sold for the construction of one boat only. The stock plan price applies to each boat built. Any alteration without written authorization from the designer relieves the designer from any further responsibility. The purchaser agrees that the designer's liability is limited to the price of stock plans for the design. The plans themselves and all copyrights remain the property of the designer. We offer a 30-day, from date of purchase, no questions asked refund policy for on-line plan sales. You may cancel your order for construction plans at any time prior to shipment. All terms of sale are applicable upon processing of the sale.

NOTE: Charles Neville Associates does not share customer information with any other organization public or private. Purchasers will not receive unsolicited correspondence from us, or from any of our associates. At Charles Neville Associates, we respect your privacy.

Additional services:

There are many additional services that we can help you with. For example, the stock drawing packages provide you with one set of construction drawings. Today, this is adequate for most owners since additional drawing sets can easily be reproduced at Kinko's or other retailers who can reproduce large format drawings. They can generally be reproduced at a lower fee than we can make them and send them to you. That said, we can provide you with additional drawing sets. The price will vary somewhat depending upon the size of the package. That can be accommodated below.

There are many other support services we can provide and they can be contracted for through this web site. The cost and specifics are to be documented with supplemental email. Armed with that data, your work can be paid for online here. Click the icon below and use Papal. Enter the cost of the service using 1-dollar per unit increments in the "quantity" column. If, for example, the cost you have been quoted is $50. When completing the sales information use "50" as the quantity unit. Please check carefully to make sure that the total dollar cost shown is as you expect.

Add more additional services:

Pay here for additional services with dollar units. Select only if you have contracted with us for more help. Select "add to cart" below and enter the appropriate dollar units and other information requested. The dollars required would be entered as "quantity" within this format. The correct dollar figure should appear in the "amount" column. If you have questions please call.

Confirm your order at - - if you do not received a prompt email response.


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